Safeguarding Children Policy

FamilyAid Boston (FAB) puts the safety of the children and families first and foremost in all of its work. In addition to its commitments and obligations as a state-mandated reporter on child safety, the agency subscribes to stringent policies and practices: 

1) FAB staff, including our licensed clinical social workers, visit client families regularly on site and in private to both conduct assessments and address any personal and family safety concerns.

2) FAB employees, clients, guests, residents, program participants, contractors, vendors, and volunteers who may have any contact with children in our care are screened for criminal and sex offender backgrounds prior to hire or engagement and annually thereafter, and agree to follow safety policies designed to keep children safe. 

3) FAB utilizes the Commonwealth’s Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) resources to ascertain any additional concerns or threats that might be posed by non-FAB tenants in housing units adjacent to our leased and owned properties, and work with parents to assure their children’s safety.

4) FAB property staff conduct safety visits to each of its shelter sites weekly to insure their upkeep and the physical safety of our clients

To review our full Safeguarding Children policy please click here.

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