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FamilyAid Boston helps more than 1,500 parents and children each year, but we would not be successful in our work if not for the hard work and dedication of the families themselves. Below are a few of their stories. 

"I never had to ask for help before": The Romeros' Story

The Romeros were a happy family, with two hard-working parents who provided a comfortable life for their children. A job loss and a medical crisis led to the unthinkable -- they became homeless. With the help of FamilyAid Boston, they returned to housing and stability, and are looking at a bright future. Learn their story below.

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"Having a home is about all the small things": The Riveras' Story

After Joshua was injured at work, his family fell behind on rent and lost their apartment in the middle of winter. Homeless, with four small children, they came to FamilyAid Boston for help. Learn how the Riveras found a stable home. 

Thank you to our partners at Wayfair for helping the Riveras tell their story.

"It's amazing what I have accomplished": Sylvia's Story

Sylvia was homeless several times during what was a difficult and traumatic childhood. When she found herself facing homelessness once again as a mother, she became determined to change the cycle. With the help of FamilyAid Boston, she did. Read more.

"I was an adult before my time": Tiana's Story

At age 21, Tiana became the sole guardian for her three young siblings, and soon after became a mother herself. Balancing work and family responsibilities was overwhelming, and she found herself on the edge of homelessness. With the help of FamilyAid Boston, Tiana regained stability and began working toward a better life for her family. Read more.

"Why do all of my friends have homes and not me?": Kamini's Story

Kamini was working full time to support herself and her daughter, but she still struggled to afford rent. She moved in with her boyfriend to save money, but he soon became abusive and Kamini left to protect her daughter and herself. Faced with homelessness, she came to FamilyAid Boston for assistance and began rebuilding her life. Read more.

"They helped me carry the weight": Duaine's Story

As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Duaine was accustomed to handling challenges. But when, in the course of six months, he lost his job and gained custody of his disabled son, he knew he couldn't go it alone. Working with FamilyAid Boston, Duaine regained stability and found the resources he needed to help his son. Read more. 

"I felt so loved and supported": Daira's Story

Daira moved from New York to Boston in 2012 and moved in with her uncle. Unfortunately, her uncle had a stroke and needed to move back to New York for his care. Daira and her children ended up staying with friends or strangers until finding FamilyAid Boston. Daira worked closely with her case manager and has now been housed for three years. Read more.

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