"I felt so loved and supported": Daira's Story

Daira moved from New York to Boston in 2012 and moved in with her uncle. Unfortunately, her uncle had a stroke and needed to move back to New York for his care. After he had moved out of their apartment, Daira found out that he hadn’t paid rent for 3 months and she had to leave their apartment immediately. She ended up staying with her god sister for a few weeks, but eventually had to leave because of building regulations.

Daira started working two jobs and was able to rent a room in an apartment, but she lost both jobs at the same time. Her landlord took her to court and she was evicted for nonpayment of rent. While she was at court she met a woman who offered to let her stay at her house. Daira moved in until she could figure out her next steps. Eventually, her application for shelter was approved by DTA and she was referred to FamilyAid Boston.

At FamilyAid Boston Daira worked very closely with one of our case managers, Kate. According to Daira she came to FamilyAid Boston with very low self-esteem and felt like she didn’t have anything to give her child. Working with Kate, Daira was able to get her citizenship, received her GED from Roxbury Community College, got her learner’s permit, and worked with immigration to get her oldest daughter into the United States from Honduras.

In 2015 with support from FamilyAid Boston, Daira moved into her own apartment for the first time in her life. As of November 1st of 2018, Daira has been housed for three years. Currently Daira is attending Phlebotomy school and will graduate in February. Daira is also engaged and her three children ages 15, 7 and 3 all live with her. 

When reflecting on her time with FamilyAid Boston Daira says, “When you have positive people around you who are always willing to help, you always end up getting what you need, and that’s what FamilyAid Boston was. I never heard anything negative and I felt so loved and supported.”

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