Cristina's story: Regaining Stability and Hope

Cristina is a single mother of two. She was forced to leave her apartment when she could no longer afford the rising rent. The family had to move to a motel. Cristina recalls the difficult 6 months that she lived in a single motel room with her children: "There was no kitchen and I had to feed my sons meals from the microwave. I was far away from my family and I found it hard to remain hopeful that things would get better for my family." Cristina's asthma began to flare up due to the condition of the motel. Cristina was so worried about her family's future that she was unable to sleep or eat. She began to suffer from depression and found that she could not recognize herself.  

It was around this time that Cristina received a letter from her doctor stating that is was hazardous for the health of her and her children to remain in the motel. The family was placed into FamilyAid Boston's Community Based Shelter Program.
Cristina and her family had safe, supportive shelter and finally had the supportive social services she needed to begin rebuilding her life. Her social worker found her a therapist who gave her the support and encouragement she needed to have hope again. Cristina worked with FamilyAid Boston's employment services to gain a well-paying job as a CNA at a local hospital.  

After much hard work, Cristina and her family were able to move into their very own apartment. Her case worker, Barbara, recalls the tremendous strides that Cristina has made, "She is like a butterfly. Seeing all the changes she has been able to make in such a short time is a true inspiration, and now that she has stability she can truly fly." Cristina's sons just started school in their new neighborhood, and Cristina is excited for this new chapter in her family's life. She hopes that her children will continue to grow as much as she has and know that "They can do anything!"

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