Stephen's Story: "I can breathe again."

Stephen is the proud father of four children. He has a stable full time job and hope for his family’s future. A year ago he never would have imagined this was possible. Like so many other families in Boston, Stephen and his children became homeless after their rent was repeatedly raised. The family received shelter through the state, but due to the high number of families in need of shelter, Stephen and his children were placed in a motel outside of Boston. The family lived in a single room directly off the highway for almost a year. With tears in his eyes, Stephen recalls the isolation and struggle of being separated from his community: “Never in my life did I imagine living in a motel. It was miserable. There was nowhere for the children to play and be kids.” Stephen struggled to find the mental fortitude he needed to stay positive for his children and work to find a home for his family. 

After a long year of living in a motel, Stephen and his family got the welcome news that a spot had opened for them in FamilyAid Boston’s Community Based Shelter program. “I could finally breathe again,” Stephen reflected. His family was one step closer to having a home. His kids were living in a stable environment where they could make friends, attend school, and regain their sense of community. 

With the help of his FamilyAid Boston care team, Stephen worked hard to find a job and get back on his feet. He began working as a maintenance worker and recently the position was made full time. He has begun saving money so that his family can move out of shelter. Now that his family is stable, Stephen has the ability to express the hope he has for his children: that they will have a long term stable home. After working with FamilyAid Boston, getting a job, and finding an apartment he can afford he says: “I know I can do it on my own. A home for me is everything. It is my pride and joy. It means waking up every day and knowing I am alive and can breathe again…I know that if I stand strong things can get better. It took a lot of courage and hard work but now I know if I stick with the plan, and I remember where I want to go things will continue to get better.”

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