How FamilyAid Boston Helps Address Family Homelessness

Families lose their housing for complex reasons. At FamilyAidBoston, we address the whole problem of family homelessness.

FamilyAid Boston empowers parents facing homelessness through a combination of time-tested and innovative programs to help them secure and sustain housing, building strong foundations for their children’s futures.

Please note that many of our programs require referrals from state or city agencies, and eligibility requirements apply. Please follow the links to specific program pages for eligibility information:

  • Prevention services allow us to work with families to resolve the problems that are putting their housing at risk and to help them connect with the services they need.
  • Shelter for families in crisis and without a place to live. In collaboration with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we provide neighborhood-based shelter and support services for homeless families who are working to obtain permanent housing.  
  • Housing programs, including 16 units owned and managed by FamilyAid Boston, which provide formerly homeless families with permanent affordable housing and support services.
  • Stabilization services for formerly homeless families who have entered permanent housing, designed to help them remain housed.
  • Employment Services to assist families enrolled in our programs with finding jobs, advancing their careers, and furthering their education.


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