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Tackling Childhood Homelessness

Sylvia’s Story: It’s Amazing What I Have Accomplished

Marie's Story: Finding Home Again



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Marie, a single mother of two, was working two jobs to provide a safe and stable home for her children. With the hope of advancing in her career, she decided to return to school part time. However, as she made steps to improve her family’s future, her safety-net began to crumble.  The school she was […]

Success Stories

Marie’s Story: Finding Home Again

Now that I finally have some time to reflect, I can see that it’s pretty amazing what I have accomplished. Through this whole year of being homeless, moving from place to place, and staying in shelter, I achieved my goals. I finished my degree, got a good job, and found a home for me and […]

Success Stories

Sylvia’s Story: It’s Amazing What I Have Accomplished

I know something about what it means to help — I’ve been helping other people for most of my life. My mother was a strong woman, working full-time while raising four kids. She also suffered from a long, debilitating illness. Part of the reason I left school and opted to get my GED at 15 […]

Success Stories

Tiana’s Story: I Was an Adult Before My Time

Daira moved from New York to Boston in 2012 and moved in with her uncle. Unfortunately, her uncle had a stroke and needed to move back to New York for his care. After he had moved out of their apartment, Daira found out that he hadn’t paid rent for 3 months and she had to […]

Success Stories

Daira’s Story: I Felt so Loved and Supported