65% of children admitted to the Emergency Room don’t have a medical problem - their diagnosis is homelessness.

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Recent studies have revealed that when a child experiences homelessness it negatively impacts their development, health, and education for years to come. The earlier and longer that a child experiences homelessness, the greater the impact.

FamilyAid Boston is expanding our child services. Recent studies have proven that the #1 indicator of becoming homeless as an adult is experiencing homelessness as a child. Through our child services, we want to end this cycle by addressing the effects homelessness has on children head-on.

In order to address these effects, we have partnered with a number of expert organizations to pilot new programs.

Through a partnership with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, we are launching an early childhood development assessment program in our shelters. This pilot is the first time a program of this type will be implemented in an emergency shelter setting. Through these assessments, parents work with their FamilyAid Boston team to get their young children enrolled in supportive community services that allow them to learn and grow alongside their peers. 

Working alongside Boston Children’s Hospital and the Commonwealth’s Department of Children and Families, FamilyAid Boston has developed one of the most comprehensive child safety policies in Massachusetts. This policy ensures that the safety of children in our shelters will always be our top priority.

FamilyAid Boston is now working on an innovative new program with Boston Public Schools and the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development. This program addresses the more than 900 students on the brink of homelessness in Boston Public Schools. The program works alongside teachers to catch a student before they fall into homelessness and stabilize their housing, ultimately increasing their school attendance.


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