More than 10 homeless children and parents are turned away from Boston shelters every day.

homeless diversion

Homeless children and parents are often denied state-funded shelter beds because there is literally no room available. As a result, families often resort to boarding in emergency rooms, their cars, or other places unfit for human habitation. 
In 2020, with support from Jeffrey Bezos’ Day 1 Families Fund, FamilyAid will pilot an innovative program to divert such families from the streets and ERs, and to alternative housing resources.
Focused on engaging homeless families in identifying possible housing solutions based on their resources and strengths, the pilot will help families move past the immediate barrier they face in obtaining safe housing. Such barriers may include help with transportation to work, resolving a lingering landlord dispute, and supporting a family with their move to a new home or community. 
Diversion programs have been an effective way to help more than 50% of homeless families find a safe, and permanent alternative to emergency shelter.


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