70 children and parents are evicted from their homes on any given day in Boston. 


Children and their parents are being forced into homelessness because of medical emergencies, a lost job, or the ever increasing cost of rent.

FamilyAid Boston’s Homelessness Prevention Program provides one-time emergency financial assistance to keep children and their parents in their homes. On average, $1,500 is all that is needed to keep a family in their homes and avoid the childhood trauma associated with homelessness. In comparison, the average cost for a family to live in shelter for one year is $36,000.

This means for the cost of housing one family in shelter, we can help nearly 100 children and parents avoid homelessness.

Additionally, FamilyAid Boston is now working with the Boston Public School System in order to provide early intervention supports for children and their families who are at potential risk of becoming homeless at an even earlier stage. This helps to prevent the crisis before it happens. 
Families provided with early intervention and emergency assistance work with a team of compassionate professionals on budgeting, obtaining stable jobs, and connecting their children with the resources they need to thrive. 

Our Homelessness Prevention Program is among the most successful in the country with 90% of the families who receive assistance from FamilyAid Boston remaining in stable housing one year after leaving shelter.


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