FamilyAid Boston has one of the highest housing retention rates in the country: 99% of our families remain stably housed one year after leaving shelter.

stable housing

Our services don’t stop when a family leaves shelter and returns to stable housing. In fact, the first year back in permanent housing is the most vulnerable time for children and parents who have experienced homelessness.

FamilyAid Boston provides the support services necessary to create a bridge from shelter to housing. Working alongside a FamilyAid Boston team member, parents pursue further education, complete job trainings, receive help with interview skills and job placements, create a family budget, and are connected to child enrichment services in their community. Most importantly, they work with their care team to build upon the skills they developed while in shelter to reach financial independence.

By setting parents up with a plan for long-term success, we ensure that families are able to stay in their homes and that parents have more time to spend with their kids and spend less time worrying about where they’ll stay tomorrow.


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