Tiana’s Story: I Was an Adult Before My Time

Daira’s Story: I Felt so Loved and Supported

Sylvia’s Story: It’s Amazing What I Have Accomplished

Marie's Story: Finding Home Again

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In the early summer of 2019, Charity started feeling unwell. At first, she thought she was just exhausted from working two jobs and having a newborn, but soon she started experiencing dizzy spells. After a month of these symptoms, Charity went to a community clinic that referred her to a specialist. Charity was quickly hospitalized, […]

Success Stories

Finding Home During a Pandemic

Mom and Baby

Everything was going right in Jazmin’s life. She had graduated from Pine Manor College with a degree in Social and Political Systems and she was in a steady and supportive relationship. Shortly after graduating college, Jazmin became pregnant with her daughter Amaya. Together, they were a happy family of three, but then Amaya’s father started […]

Success Stories

Coming Full Circle: A Case Worker Finds Her Home

Jazmin with her two daughters

In November of this year, everything was going right for Tanya’s family. She had a secure job that she loved, working with patients in hospice care, her youngest daughter Jeanie (12) was doing well in school, her oldest daughter Macy (21) was enrolled in college for nursing, and her son Xavier (19) was preparing to […]

Success Stories

Finding Home after Tragedy

Cristina is a single mother of two. She was forced to leave her apartment when she could no longer afford the rising rent. The family had to move to a motel. Cristina recalls the difficult 6 months that she lived in a single motel room with her children: “There was no kitchen and I had […]

Success Stories

Cristina’s Story: Regaining Stability and Hope

light skinned African American woman wearing a striped white, blue and red sweater